LoveTest for iPhone

LoveTest for iPhone is based upon the compatibility analysis of the original Internet Love Test which has been online since 1996 at is a fun web site produced by Jochen "Joe" Savelberg and published by Euregio.Net® AG, the leading Internet Service Provider in the German-speaking region of Belgium.

The LoveTest is an integral part of the EasyScopes® Entertainment Network which provides free horoscopes, love tests, personality quizzes and self-help information to more than 1.5 million users a month.


The LoveTest started out when Joe was still in high school. A couple of love and romance tests circulated in his classes and his friends were quite interested in knowing the results of how they matched to their sweethearts. Being a teenager was hard enough, but not having any clue about your dream partner was even worse.

The lunch breaks were not long enough to allow everybody to take the tests. That's when Joe decided to write a small program on his Macintosh SE which would help us to analyse the results of the tests.

The first version of LoveTest was a very simple program which was written in February 1991. The next version got more sophisticated. It allowed the test-taker to enter his/her name and the name of his/her dream-person. These names were used to calculate the compatibility between the two persons using numerology.

When Joe got his own Internet connection in 1994, he only used it for web surfing and to send e-mail to his many friends from around the world. Then in June 1995, Joe published his first web pages online. After a while he got bored by these plain web pages and decided to add some interactivity. In December 1995, he started learning how to write CGI programs for Macintosh computers. CGI programs are small applications which run on a web server and are operated through a web browser anywhere on this planet.

At the time Joe remembered that he still had the LoveTest somewhere. After scanning about 400 floppy disks, he found it again. He decided to convert the offline LoveTest program into an online LoveTest CGI.


LoveTest for iPhone

The online LoveTest has all the features the offline version had, plus a couple of new additions. The online LoveTest also includes information about the zodiac signs and how they are compatible. The original LoveTest site went online on Friday, February 23rd, 1996. More than 100 million users have take the online LoveTest in the past 13 years.

After 12 years of running the LoveTest as a Macintosh CGI (written in HyperCard), the calculations were converted to the more portable PHP programming language.

In September 2008, after getting his first iPhone 3G, Joe commissioned the development of an iPhone version of the LoveTest. This allows you to take your LoveTest anywhere you go and quickly calculate the results with your friends.

While planning the project, Joe and Pierre chose to keep the program simple, fast and easy to work with. They also wanted to include some unique iPhone features which were not available in other love tests and love calculator programs.

The result of several months of work is now in your hands. We hope that you enjoy the lovetest calculations and the compatibility information we provide.


Idea, content and compatibility algorithm by Jochen Savelberg

Project management and publishing by Euregio.Net AG

Programming by Houdah Software s.à r.l and Pierre Bernard